Prayer Wheel

$ 375.00

Prayer Wheels designed by Anyen Rinpoche, custom made by Tom Kowalski

Every prayer wheel is a work of skill and devotion to the dharma. Well balanced with very smooth action - almost turns itself. The design is informed by Rinpoche’s lineage and embodies elements that make each wheel sacred and an essential practice item. Mantras written in Tibetan calligraphy that fill each wheel have been written by Anyen Rinpoche. Mantras inside the wheel are Padmasambhava’s Seven Line Prayer, Vajrasattva, Tara, Chenrezig (Mani), and/or Medicine Buddha.  Each wheel can be filled with any preferred combination of mantras. Each wheel is hand turned with devotion and love in a practice environment. Shipping additional.

Please contact Tom directly to order and purchase your prayer wheel or to discuss mantras and custom sizes, woods, and finishes!, (970) 391-1034, or at 

$375 for handheld wheel, $500 for tabletop wheel. A significant amount of each sale is offered to Anyen Rinpoche. Custom prices may vary. Shipping additional.