Liberation by Wearing Takdrol

$ 108.00

The Liberation by Wearing Takdrol were made at Dodrupchen Monastery in Sikkim and are of the Longchen Nyingthig (Heart Essence of the Vast Expanse) tradition. These lovely Takdrol are folded, wrapped in a geometric pattern with cords the colors of the five buddha families, and hand sewn into a satin pouch. There is a loop of fabric at the top allowing for placement of a cord for wearing of the Takdrol while alive. The Takdrol may also be placed on your shrine or in your dharma box until needed.

At the time of death, just after the outer breath ceases and the body is still warm, remove the Takdrol from the satin pouch, untie the Takdrol, and place the image of Samanthabhadra facing and touching the bare skin at the heart center of the body. Once this is accomplished the Takdrol and body must not be separated. The body along with the Takdrol may then be buried or cremated.

One may own and, at the time of death, use two Takdrol. If two Takdrol are used, place one as described above. The other may be placed on the back at the level of the heart center.

The Phowa Foundation is pleased to offer this Liberation by Wearing Takdrol for a donation of $108 plus shipping.  Item includes sales tax.